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Remember me?? Enjoying the winning feeling at the Valley this season!
Lunch meet before the Chesterfield game Hailing the cab.....
 Swedeaddicks meet JJ at their Swindon hotel........ ........... and he takes them to meet the lads!
Sweden meets Canada at Beasley's Bar, Ontario Familiar names in Hamilton, Ontario
A picture that says it all.... Sky Sports'  Bianca Westwood brightens the day!
Away at Hull - all you need is one more and five loaves!! Now THAT'S a great Birthday Cake!
A reminder of 'Home' while away. At the Rust Bucket - from all over!
Spot the players in the crowd...? "You are going are going DOWN!"
Great to see a Fiverfull Valley!  28.2 15
With the boss lady Merry Christmas from Santa Downunder
Swedish Addicks meeting 2014 A double celebration - Happy 60th. - and a great win!

Church has just been clattered and still hobbling - while 'Dancing Duo' Wiggins and Dervite show off their 'Routine' in the background...

Charlton 3 Watford 1 - WE ARE SAFE!!
Over in the land of endless sunshine - 'Good on ya, mate!'
Our esteemed diarist LLook who he's trying to sign!
"I know it's your very first game and we're 4-1 up but this is Charlton sweetheart" Where's Grandad's beer?
With the Chairman at the Valley With the Skipper after another winning performance
Yann will be the Man v. Bolton 2013 A Good sign
Familiar faces celebrate in the RoD The 3 Beersketeers! (Will the wall hold...? Sure it will)
Pre- kick off - Last League 1 game - we are Championship Red Devil flying in with our new shirt
May 2012 - 3 Addicks, 3 Lions, 1 Hammer (Everyone is happy!)

A Present from Swedish Addicks


Looking cool Charlton v. Stevenage 25/2/2012

On the Road

On the Mountain

On the Road


At home in Canada

Over from Sweden

Over from Canada with locals


On the Road 

Over in the USA

Canada Christmas Toast


From Sweden to meet 'Killer'

Over in Ontario

A new two-some in the USA


Over for another pint (Game)

Yellow Peril!

Game time at the Valley


At Old Trafford 

Over in Botswana

At Ashford with The Gaffer


With family in Jakarta

On the border of Thailand & Cambodia

With Lloyd Sam at the Valley


With Parky at the Valley

Body of Support

In Vienna with Scotland



From our USA Goalkeeper, Mike Ammann

  More to come......