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Our resident grouch now has another septegenarian to talk to.

The life so far of Chris Thompson
For many Chris is known as Ketts from Dr Kish. To me, I like to call him a friend for some time now. I am relatively new to the blog writers circle, it was Chris gave me the incentive to further my writing ambition by posting some of my articles that where not a patch on his. 
But nevertheless, he did me proud by including my work with his on the site. Never once was I let down, with many of his readers reading them with the same enthusiasm as they would his. I’m eternally grateful.‎
Here are just some of the things that Chris had the pleasure of taking part in over more years than he would admit too. Oh, by the way, happy birthday on Sunday and congratulation for reaching the ripe old age of 70.
When it comes down to being a staunch Charlton supporter, Chris ticks all the boxes. I would like to begin by signing Chris in at 70 long years ago when he came into this world, ironically just down the road from the Valley in Craigerne Road Blackheath. 
‎His first ever game at The Valley was when his father took him to see Stoke City in 1952, just before his fifth birthday. It must have been a real treat. Charlton won this game 4-0- with two goals from Gordon Hurst and Charlie Vaughan.
The passion for the boys in red was the start of something to come.  Chris’s first ‘big’ game was the FA Cup 5th round game at The Valley in 1956. ‎
This must have been a real eye opener. Back then in this game he remembers, The Valley had nearly 72,000- adoring fans cramped on the terraces, unfortunately the Addicks lost 2-0.
Showing your age now. Chris was also at the Huddersfield game in December 1957 when the Addicks were 5-1 down but came back to win 7-6. 
Many fans opted out to do Christmas shopping and missed a hum-dinger. Four days later he was at the last ever game to be played at the Valley on Christmas Day, which we won 2-0 against Doncaster Rovers.
Away from football, Chris has been married to Sharon for 43 years, has 2 daughters and 8 grandchildren. Moved to Northamptonshire when he married in 1974. ''Did you not fancy Northampton then'' Only kidding!
His love for Charlton never lost pace. Lots more games and many heartbreaks through many years supporting the team of his dreams. 
None better remembered than the 1997 play-off final against Sunderland at Wembley. He says it was a highlight as was the game at Carlisle five years ago when the Addicks clinched promotion back to the Championship. 
Everyone has a favourite player. Johnnie Jackson is his all time followed closely by Andy Hunt. Well travelled, he has been to 121 league grounds, Chris has not missed a Charlton game - home or away - for many years. ‎
Outside of football his loves are his family and Cornwall, that includes watching Cornish football of course! ‎
Sport is never far away from his thoughts. Whether it is greyhounds, which he owned, with one of his dogs contesting the quarter final of the 1968 Greyhound Derby. Chris also enjoys cricket, speedway, boxing and Gaelic Games. 
Not everyone has the opportunity to excel in many sporting pleasures that are out there.
I take my hat off to Chris for his endless involvement with his Dr Kish headed articles that have been an insight to his beloved Charlton. Long my we see the tireless inputs that keep us informed. Thank you      


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