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One of our eagled eyed readers confirms that Patrick Bauer's header DID cross the line.

At Saturdayís game (Bristol Rovers) instead of sitting in my usual seat in the centre of the East Stand I had the opportunity to enjoy hospitality, positioned in the executive box nearest to the away support in the West Stand.

Unlike the view the television cameras had, I was in an ideal position to see Charltonís goal. I am probably one of the few, thankfully along with the linesman, who was able to see that the ball did cross the line before the goalkeeper clawed it back on to the post.

Having seen the video footage I can see why there are doubts to whether it crossed the line. However I can categorically say, without bias, that the linesman got this right.

John G

I agree with you, the team adapted themselves well after the dismissal of Lee Novak. But your assessment of Ben Amos was a little harsh. Yes he made some errors, but in the bigger picture of things he had to guard his area and make up for being down a man so early in the game.

It would be unfair to just point the finger on just one player, the whole team were somewhat nervous to start with and the sending off did not make the situation in the first quarter of the game any better.

Although as you rightly said, we had the players to overcome being down to ten and our new boys equipped themselves well.

We must of cause not forget Bristol Rovers who had the advantage but failed to make their eleven against ten count. If I was their manager I would have been very critical on the performance which also shows that they were nervous and should have done better having been gifted the extra player by the referee who I thought should have exercised a little discretion.

Yes the challenge was a bookable offense, but as in all these incidences, the player involved in the receiving end on this case Stuart Sinclair milked the situation which influenced the referee to make his decision.

He was reeling in agony making the whole foul more believable which added to the effect. Within a very short time the same player was running about showing no ill affects from his ordeal. Unbelievably.

Referees and lines person should use their training better and distinguish between play acting and a genuine situation to stamp out these players who get a fellow professional sent off

Grumpy Addick

Very pleasing performance that. Early days I know but we can see Robinson has brought the team together. That was the best team performance I've seen from a Charlton side for a long long time.

I'll start with negative, I thought it was a stupid sending off for a stupid challenge. He didn't need to go on and could have gone in one footed. It wasn't a leg breaking challenge but both studs were up.

The rules haven't just changed they've been there for a while now. He made it an easy decision for the ref.

Anyway, I've spent for too much time on that. Impressed by Da Silva, I only saw him in the Shrewsbury game. Can really see why our fans wanted him back. A good asset. Fosu looks like he could be a real handful in this division. Had a great game and I felt held himself back for the sake of the time. Can't wait to see him when it's 11 v 11!

Was great to see Kashi back. Too good for this league, will someone come on for him? Hopefully the last season puts them I won't go through the whole team but as I've criticised Bauer before, I should mention him. Thought he was solid yesterday, didn't get bullied, probably with the goal (?), the best performance I've seen from him.

Oh, not sure on Amos. That's the Charlton in me coming back out! Let's give him sometime and playing time is hopefully what he needs. I could add on that but won't for now.


Just read your article breaking the news that Reeves has signed. Great to hear that, another quality player added!

I am genuinely excited and looking forward to the season with more hope and anticipation than I've had for a long time.

Let's hope the club and us fans get what we deserve a winning start to the season.

It really seems like we are turning a corner and credit must go to those behind the scenes, including KM and RD.

I'm hoping too there will be a return to the club by the boycotting fans, not all will but maybe a good portion?


How does this saying go? A team that plays together wins. I really thought the game against Ipswich would have convinced Robinson that he has the team to take into the new season.

But what do I know, very little it seems when it comes to players who are good enough from those who the gaffer feels still donít fit in with his plans.

A team that plays together. This late before the new season our gaffer is till not happy with what he has to work with. Alarm bells start to ring in why he still needs to reshuffle the pack so he comes up with a winning hand.

Perhaps you can enlighten me on this very subject because Iím out of reasons to the whys there is this urgency to change a winning formula.

All this aside, Iím very confident that this team has the pedigree to bring in the results. Why fix it when it isnít broke?

Grumpy Addick


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