12-Nov 20:32, by The Godalming Gourmet

GG is enjoying life at The Valley right now and is urging others to join him.

As a long term Charlton supporter, I can not remember the last time I felt so positive during a season.

We are succeeding well, so far, in a difficult League, blooding homegrown youngsters in other competitive matches. 

It’s been sometime since we’ve been beaten at home in the League, just like it used to be, “Fortress Valley” , and the feelgood factor is well and truly back in my opinion.‎

Our owner is now not interfering, allowing Karl Robinson to get on with the job of making our club successful again, and what a job he’s doing.

When he arrived, one year ago, we were in tatters. So many previous coaches in a short time, bringing players into the squad, each with their own way of coaching and different ways of playing. An impossible situation to make a successful side.‎

Robinson had to set about reforming the whole 
caboodle. To come to a club in the state it was in, with players out on loan abroad still being paid handsome salaries, existing team members having lost confidence, and the league position he found us in must have been a daunting proposition‎

In that year he has completely overhauled the club. The forgotten players, Sarr and Kashi especially, are now important members of the first team playing on a regular basis (and what a difference they’ve made).

Others have been shifted out and more suitable and skilled players brought in. The football being played is gradually becoming a more enjoyable experience.

At the end of his first year we are presently in third position in the League, and he deserves our thanks for the amount of time and hard work he and his “crew” have put in.‎

He says how much he appreciates the noise and support from the crowd, and how important that is to the team’s encouragement on the day.

Our average home crowd is close to 10,000. Think how much more noise an extra 3000-5000 voices would make in the back half of the season, pushing the players on into a strong promotion position.

Why wouldn’t true, but presently absent Charlton supporters, want to be part of all that when it could lead to us playing at a higher level next season?‎

Forget for the time being any existing animosity one might have to our owner-he’s still bank rolling the club and does not, as I’ve already mentioned, appear to be interfering in Robinson’s plans, more encouraging them I would say.

Come back and see and feel again, the atmosphere of a packed Saturday afternoon at The Valley, or a Tuesday night under the floodlights.

These are exciting times at Charlton - be part of it!


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