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Latest thoughts from our manager.

‎I have been having various thoughts from a distance over the last few weeks, as to why Charlton seem incapable of defending and scoring goals.  They seem to have some pretty decent players who are not fulfilling their potential.    Obviously, the ownership and possible takeover must reflect on the players psyche, but, as one blog said, do they want to play under KR?  What seems clear to me  is that something is definitely not right at The Valley, apart from all the usual dross that has been going on for ages.‎


A pleasant surprise I listen to the game on Valley Pass as I don't go to away days much these days. After the shambles at Roots Hall I along with many did not give the Addicks much hope in getting something out of this game. But give praise were it ..‎

Grumpy Addick‎ (post Wigan)

How many times have we failed to defend simple balls into the penalty area. As a team we have become very predictable that teams we play don't have to do a great deal to break us down to inflict damage to our poorly organized defence.
At Roots Hall in the Boxing day game against Southend, we once again showed we are easy pickings, not because they were better than us, it was a simply forgone conclusion the we as a team should be able to deal with, but failed which has been our downfall on many occasions.‎
The battle cry from Robinson is lost in his application. His troops where not prepared for battle and paid the price in this defeat. Facing lesser sides who themselves find winning a toll, should be faced with a positive attitude in spite being under strength.
I'm getting increasingly frustrated along with many loyal supporters who have stuck with the team but are continuously being let down by unconveniencing performances from players who have no respect and are showing it on the pitch.‎
We are now in real danger losing sight of the leading pack. Whose fault is it, is the question asked many times. We all have our reasons as individuals for the failure of this team. What is for certain, it needs to be fixed before it becomes a problem if it ain't one already. Only one person can fix this and no name needs to be mentioned.‎

‎Grumpy Addick (post Southend)


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